3 Situations Where Small Businesses May Need a Corporate Lawyer

While there are plenty of issues and concerns that small businesses may be able to address on there own, there are numerous situations where the services and assistance of an experienced corporate lawyer can make a critical difference. Attempting to deal with a suit filed by either former or prospective employees, claims that a business may have violated one or more laws or regulations as well as negotiating the sale of a business without formal legal advice and assistance can be a very serious misstep. Knowing which situations may require small business owners to seek the assistance of an attorney can ensure that prompt and effective action is able to be taken.

Employee Lawsuits

A lawsuit filed by either a past or current associate, as well as applicants who may be been turned down for a position, is never an issue that should be taken lightly. Allegations of illegal hiring or firing practices or claims of a hostile workplace environment can often become very serious and costly problems, especially for organizations who lack the legal insight or guidance needed in order to better protect themselves. The services of an experienced corporate lawyer, especially one that may specialize in laws governing employment, are never a resource that businesses should be without when faced with a lawsuit.

Claims of Legal or Regulatory Violations

Government agencies that claim a business has violated one or more laws, statues or regulations during the course of its operation can create serious problems for companies and organizations who may lack suitable legal assistance. Working alongside the right corporate lawyer ensures that businesses will be better equipped to respond to such claims. Without formal legal services it may be all but impossible for businesses to avoid costly fines, serious legal penalties or unfavorable rulings and verdicts. Businesses who receive notification of a complaint or violation would be wise to contact a corporate lawyer as soon as possible.

Sales and Acquisitions

Buying or selling an existing business can be a major undertaking. Few business owners posses the in-debt understanding of contract and finance law as well as the regulations governing the acquisition or sale of a business needed to ensure the process is able to be as smooth and successful as possible. The help and assistance of the right corporate lawyer may be of paramount importance during every step of the sale or acquisition process. Business owners who lack the legal understanding and resources that only a dedicated firm may be able to provide. Even a minor oversight or error can become a major issue when it comes to selling a business or expanding an existing organisation through the acquiring of a new organization or enterprise.