A Close Look at Personal Injury Law


Personal injury is part of civil law. It refers to injuries that result from actions of another party. People often encounter accidents that result in injuries. It’s important to understand personal injury law. Some incidents can cause personal injuries and may even result in death. If another person’s actions harm you, you should consider legal action. Personal injury law firms will help you seek compensation for the damages.

Personal injury law covers several scenarios. It’s different from criminal law. For instance, if someone is assaulted, the accused would face criminal charges. But if the attack causes serious injuries, the victim may need a personal injury lawyer to help him/her get compensation. The following are circumstances that would require the services of a personal injury attorney.

Medical malpractice

Medical practitioners are expected to comply with a certain code of conduct. That’s why they have to take the hypocritical oath. When a medical professional fails to act appropriately, this is considered medical malpractice. This type of negligence can cause harm to the patient.

Workplace injury

It’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure that workers have a safe working environment. If you get hurt at work due to a dangerous working environment, you can sue your employer for the injuries. You’ll need to hire an attorney from one of the reputable personal injury law firms in your area. The lawyer will help you get enough compensation to cover all the damages. What’s more, you can use the funds to pay your bills if you’re unable to make a living due to the injury.

Slip and fall

Business owners are responsible for the safety of those who visit their premises. Therefore, they should ensure their office or store is well maintained to avoid accidents. The flooring of a premise must be non-slip. If you slip and fall at the mall, you’re eligible for compensation from the management of the property.

Car accidents

There are multiple reasons why an accident may happen. Some car accidents are caused by natural causes such as earthquakes and landslides. However, reckless driving causes most accidents. This includes driving under the influence (DUI) and speeding. An accident might maim a pedestrian or a safe driver. In such a case, no amount of jail time would help the victim recover. So, the best option would be to hire a personal injury lawyer and pursue compensation.

Some cases require the services of personal injury law firms. If you ever find yourself in any of this situation, you shouldn’t hesitate to take legal action. It’s your constitutional right to receive compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional damages. Be sure to hire an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. There are resources available at Bogoroch & Associates LLP for more information.

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