Paralegal Career In Canada

Paralegal are those persons who assist the lawyers in their legal work. But in some regions of Canada like Ontario, aspiring paralegals can take a paralegal courses to obtain a license from the Law Society of Upper Canada which gives them an opportunity to work independently. Similar to lawyers, paralegals also need to get license in Canada for individual profession. They may also act as agents to the clients for dealing with certain legal matters.

Paralegals have the authority to work on certain legal matters like small claims and tenant/landlord issues. Here is a typical paralegal job description.

Also, the legal matters presented in provincial or federal agencies and tribunals such as name changes and pardons; other minor matters of civil law, immigration, insurance matters and work place safety can be represented by the paralegals on behalf of their clients. When a paralegal is unable to solve the issue, the case goes to the lawyer. Paralegal profession is a cost-effective option to those who seek legal advice and representation. This also gives an opportunity to join paralegal association working on professional level or be a part of an association starting in one of the provinces or territories that lack a professional paralegal association.

For becoming a paralegal, one has to take an undergraduate degree with specializing in paralegal studies. There are many colleges in Canada like Everest College Canada, Reeves College, South University, Trios College, etc. which offer quality education for paralegals and make them professionals in handling the legal matters. After getting a degree they can work under lawyers and help them in legal issues or they can get a license to work independently. Work of a paralegal usually involves legal research, drafting documents, assisting with legal transactions, training legal office staff, communicating with clients and office business administration. Paralegal’s salary in Canada is around $21,000 to $22,000 per year which varies from firm to firm and state to state.

Paralegal’s demand in Canada is rising and it may take a boom in recent years. Those interested in pursuing their career as a paralegal can apply for a degree course offered at various colleges in Canada. With a good ability of handling the legal matters and deep researching, one can certainly become a professional paralegal in near future.

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