University Of British Columbia Scholarships

The University of British Columbia (UBC) Scholarships is the most highly rated universities as well as one of the largest universities in Canada. Located in Vancouver, Canada, has welcomed many students across the world to attend its ESL programs since it was opened in 1969. The university has many experienced ESL teachers who helps the students in studying English language. It also offers specialized training in teaching English to the students who speak other language.

The academic activity of UBC is organized into schools and faculties. Currently, it has 7 faculties at Okanagan campus and 12 faculties at Vancouver campus.

The Faculty of Arts at the Vancouver campus is the largest faculty with 20 schools and departments. The UBC’s School of Architecture offers a program in architecture which is accredited at the bachelor and master’s level by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board. In 2011, UBC had 10,652 non-faculty and 3,331 full-time Faculty employees. It had more than 56,000 students which included 10,686 graduate students and 48,726 undergraduate students. The university had about 275,000 alumni across 120 countries. The University of British Columbia Scholarships operates and manages many research centers. Located on Vancouver Island, the UBC provides year-round technical assistance and research facilities for oceanographers, ecologists and biologists.

The University of British Columbia offers scholarships, prizes and awards to the students. These offers are generally based on the student’s academic performance. Most of these awards don’t need the students to specify financial need, although there are many which combine merit and other needs.

Scholarships: – Scholarships are generally awarded for academic achievement whereas; some may require specialization in some other areas like community service, athletics, artistic endeavors and leadership.

UBC scholarships for Canadians: – University of British Columbia is committed to recognize students for their academic excellence and leadership. The highest award UBC has awarded to the incoming UBC students for excellent grades has reached to $15 million.

UBC scholarships for international students: – UBC recognizes the academic excellence of the international students devoting about $4 million awards annually for scholarships.

Prizes: – Prizes are offered to the students based on their academic achievement. They may be awarded for the best marks in a specific program, performance in a course or for other specific reasons. Some of these prizes consist of medals or books while others consist of monetary awards.

Awards: – Awards emphasize non-academic qualifications and community involvement. As they have an academic requirement, it refers to many types of academic funding. Depending on the intent, the awards may be awarded at the beginning or end of the year.

With world-class infrastructure and faculty, the University of British Columbia offers many degrees and awards to the students and helps them to make a better future.

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